A Word from our Clients

"I have known Rabbi Sholom Storch shlit'a for many years. His interest, knowledge, and wisdom, in the area of education, have always impressed me. The ability to quantify methodology that a good educator does, and 'suggest' strategies that a good teacher 'should' do, is a strength in Rabbi Storch that I admire. Using his talents to teach 'best habits' of quality instruction lie at the core of Rabbi Storch's prowess in the field of Chinuch. Lastly, a good pedagogue must be a "mentch". Students immediately are persuaded towards, or deterred from, the learning process by the character of the figure at the head of the classroom.  This applies to adult students as well. Rabbi Storch's genuineness, sincerity, and caring are hallmarks of a good teacher. Those fortunate enough to study educational methodology under Rabbi Storch's tutelage are bound to become successful in their field."

Rabbi Hillel Mandel

Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer


"As a leader in sales and customer service efforts for the over 7 years, growing annual revenue exponentially, I thought I was successful in my management and results. I was intrigued by the idea of learning how to be a more effective leader. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the level and immediacy of impact working with Shalom as my personal coach would have, not only on my business but also in my personal life. In the short time since beginning our relationship, company sales goals have been shattered with record setting performances, employees are thriving under my leadership, and my personal relationships have been elevated. Anyone with an open mind to improving themselves will truly benefit from Shalom's help and coaching."

Ari Greenbaum

General Manager, Networx


"You helped us so much! The coaching sessions with you have helped us understand why we each react to triggers from the kids differently, and therefore helped us become more of a team. Your suggestion that my husband and I be conscientious about carving out time together has been really beneficial for the whole family unit. The coaching has definitely gotten us closer to where we want to be."

A Grateful Parent

Lakewood, NJ


"The training course was fun, enjoyable and interesting! I got to meet and interact with colleagues who were on the same wavelength as me. It was hands on, interactive and practical. What made it very useful is that we brought real issues from home/work into the classroom and through peer coaching, often arrived at solutions we were able to implement. Rabbi Storch guided us to finesse our approach and interact with clients in a professional manner. On personal level, I learned new ways to problem solve that I use day to day. The course provides a road map to becoming a more wholesome person."

Yaacov Weiss, MSW, LSW


"Being a senior sales manager, I constantly struggled to balance my work with my personal life. When I was first introduced to coaching with Rabbi Storch, I was skeptical. Within 5 minutes of us talking I soon realized that this was the best decision I would ever make. Since working with Shalom, I have been able to put together a solid game plan that allows me to have a healthy balance, while not taking away from work production. Rabbi Storch’s ability to listen and then give honest feedback is critical to helping someone get to the conclusion they feel is best for them. There are many 'experts' that give someone the answer they are looking for; Shalom is someone who helps guide you towards a decision that YOU make and that in turn allows for tremendous growth. Shalom helped me understand myself in ways that not only improves my life but also allows me to help others (co-workers, family, etc) understand that there is an opportunity for growth in every situation no matter how big or small the life event is."

Chad Varnas

Senior Sales Manager, Networx


"I really enjoy Rabbi Storch's approach to each subject.  He has a relaxed way of introducing his subjects and discussions so that each person in the group or one on one feels valuable and contributes to the subject matter or topic of discussion.  I love the interactive exercises and discussions with the group so as to role play and understand ways to approach situations in different manners, getting different results. I leave each session confident that I have added to the value of my professional, personal and spiritual life tools that enhance my life.  He is truly a gift and I treasure every class."

Sandra Allen


"The seven levels are an invaluable tool that I consistently use to maintain best possible response/control in many situations. Being able to take a step back, evaluate where I'm at and choose to address a situation at a different level has turned many different challenges into opportunities. I find using active listening to guide someone into coming up with their own solution incredibly valuable and much more effective than giving advice. It is always amazing to see an individual's inner resource. The tying in of Torah resources and hashkafah each step of the way is incredible.  Knowing that these concepts and tools are sourced in emes and the way Hashem wants us to conduct ourselves is amazing and powerful. I would recommend any torahdik person to Rabbi Storch's approach!"

Hindy N

"Rabbi Storch has created a course that will make you an excellent coach and empower you in all areas of life. Based on the ICF (the 'Gold Standard' of coaching) curriculum and beefed up with many years of coaching, experience, this course is second to none. With many years of chinuch/teaching experience and spiced with a vast knowledge of sifrei kodesh, this course is something you'll look forward to time and again."
Dovid A.