Certified Coach Training - Starting April 3rd, 2022

Bring Out the Leader In You
with Certified Coach Training!

Learn a proven, SKILLS-BASED process
that will create measurable change in
yourself and those around you.


Get Started on a Coaching Career

  • Do you want to transition to a career as a professional coach?

  • Would you like to leverage your professional expertise and life experiences to support others in the best way possible? 

  • Are you looking to earn extra income AND make a significant impact on people?


Empower your Professional and Personal Relationships with Coaching Skills

  • Do your friends often come to you for advice but never follow through with your suggestions?

  • As a business owner, do you get frustrated with your employees’ motivation even after you give them THAT speech?

  • Do you sometimes feel like an outsider as a parent, just dishing out rules of dos and don’ts?


Have you looked into other coaching courses but found
only touchy-feely talk and hazy promises? 

Do many coaching instructors lack industry recognized certification? 

Are you wary of secular programs that may present serious hashkafic problems?


The Center for Coaching and Leadership Training offers you a structured path to create positive, sustainable change in your personal and professional life. You’ll learn from an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified professional coach in a Torah-true environment.

Imagine knowing the right words to say to help your clients, co-workers, or children solve problems and move forward in their lives. Become the go-to person in your office, family, or community!

If any of the above resonates with you, then you are in the right place - learn more about our Certified Coach Program and bring out the leader in you!


Understand yourself and others

"Being a senior sales manager, I constantly struggled to balance my work with my personal life. When I was first introduced to coaching with Rabbi Storch, I was skeptical. Within 5 minutes of us talking I soon realized that this was the best decision I would ever make. Since working with Shalom, I have been able to put together a solid game plan that allows me to have a healthy balance, while not taking away from work production. Shalom helped me understand myself in ways that not only improve my life but allow me to help others understand that there is an opportunity for growth in every situation."

~ Chad Varnas, Senior Sales Manager, Networx


My name is Shalom Storch. Today I’m an educator and mentor with over 30 years of experience. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. . . 

As a principal in an elementary school, I realized early on that change is not easy to come by! I was working with people who were on the job for some thirty years, and I was TELLING them to change their ways because I thought there was something better!

As ‘I’ tried to tell them what to do, ‘they’ were unreceptive. What ‘I’ felt needed to be done was having NO effect.


(Maybe you’ve had the same experience?)


Then I heard about coaching. When I realized that I had to first listen and really understand my teachers' challenges and belief systems, I began to see a different way of doing things

I started to ask questions like, "How can you support your students and maintain some stability at the same time?" I tried to inspire my employees to come up with solutions - their solutions that worked best for them.

And the response was amazing - it worked!

Well, it worked a lot of the time. I didn’t ALWAYS know EXACTLY what to say. I wasn’t sure WHY my employees responded well sometimes, but not others.


(Do you feel like that, too?)


But I knew I could do better if I had the right training. I needed a step-by-step, repeatable, logical plan that would help my staff (and my friends and my kids and my colleagues and. . .) EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I started researching and attending classes in various coaching schools. What can I say? They were not all created equal. I heard a lot about “connecting”- without the evidence-based practices that would turn that connection into meaningful change.

Finally, I found the International Coach Federation. ICF is the gold standard for coaching training! I studied intensely and became certified as a Professional Certified Coach.


Now I had the skills - and confidence - to help myself and others move past their limitations. 

I saw firsthand that coaching works! Instead of getting stuck in blame and bias, my clients could reach self-transcendence and self-discovery. Suddenly, and with far less effort, they saw measurable success.


What kind of success? 

Take the example of 3rd grader A.J.  After months of both positive reinforcements and punitive measures,
his rebbe, R’ Stern, marched into my office with A.J. and an ultimatum: “It’s him or me.”

We could have called a major cross-disciplinary meeting of school professionals and spent countless more hours dealing with our “problem.”

But by taking a coaching approach instead, we pinpointed the heart of the issue: A.J. desperately needed decent adult relationships. R’ Stern stopped trying to force A.J. into compliance and started taking him out for ice-cream once a week. A.J. soon wanted to please his rebbe and became an asset to the class.

Or Donny G., CEO of a surgeon’s office. The surgeon was building a new outpatient surgical center and needed
hospital privileges, but the hospital wouldn’t work with them. Donny and his staff spent months fuming, blaming, and hiring attorneys.

I worked with Donny to get past the blame and reach a place of self-mastery. It was hard work, but it paid off. With a completely new approach, he met with the hospital CEO and secured hospital privileges in just one meeting.


Those stories seem like magic, but they’re not. They’re a result of a logical, tested process that anyone can learn.

These successes (and more!) propelled me to expand from coaching individuals to training coaches: the more coaches, the more A.J.s and Donnys, who transform their lives and those around them.

Whether my students coached as a career or applied those skills in their jobs and families, the positive effects would ripple outward: more happiness. . . more shalom. . . more sales. . . more job satisfaction. . . more nachas.

I could bring together the best of my professional experiences as a principal and as a coach to create a coaching course for you! But this course was going to be different.

You wouldn’t have to lose the wasted time (and, yes, lots of wasted money) that I spent finding a coaching system that WORKS. You would get tools and skills based on the best practices in the coaching world.

You would be spared the squirming-in-my-seat that I went through in courses that were antithetical to Torah ideals. Because at its core, the coaching model resonates with our Torah way of life - IF it’s presented properly.


I founded The Center for Coaching & Leadership Training and soon launched:

The Certified Coach Training Program

The CCT Program is a transformative journey. You will train to partner with clients, colleagues, or community members in a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Through carefully sequenced lessons, The Certified Coach Training Program will train you in the International Coaching Federation’s 8 Core Competencies:


A. Foundation

1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice
Definition: Understands and consistently applies coaching ethics and standards of coaching.

2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset
Definition: Develops and maintains a mindset that is open, curious, flexible and client-centered.

B. Co-Creating the Relationship

3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
Definition: Partners with the client and relevant stakeholders to create clear agreements about the coaching relationship, process, plans and goals. Establishes agreements for the overall coaching engagement as well as those for each coaching session.

4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
Definition: Partners with the client to create a safe, supportive environment that allows the client to share freely. Maintains a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

5.  Maintains Presence

Definition: Is fully conscious and present with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident


C. Communicating Effectively

6. Listens Actively
Definition: Focuses on what the client is and is not saying to fully understand what is being communicated in the context of the client systems and to support client self-expression

7. Evokes Awareness
Definition: Facilitates client insight and learning by using tools and techniques such as powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy

D. Cultivating Learning and Growth

8. Facilitates Client Growth
Definition: Partners with the client to transform learning and insight into action. Promotes client autonomy in the coaching process.

"You helped us so much! The coaching sessions with you have helped us understand why we each react to triggers from the kids differently, and therefore helped us become more of a team. Your suggestion that my husband and I be conscientious about carving out time together has been really beneficial for the whole family unit. The coaching has definitely gotten us closer to where we want to be."

~ A Grateful Parent, Lakewood, NJ

Incredibly valuable and effective

"The seven levels are an invaluable tool that I consistently use to maintain best possible response/control in many situations. Being able to take a step back, evaluate where I'm at and choose to address a situation at a different level has turned many different challenges into opportunities. I find using active listening to guide someone into coming up with their own solution incredibly valuable and much more effective than giving advice. It is always amazing to see an individual's inner resource. The tying in of Torah resources and hashkafah each step of the way is incredible.  Knowing that these concepts and tools are sourced in emes and the way Hashem wants us to conduct ourselves is amazing and powerful. I would recommend any torahdik person to Rabbi Storch's approach!"

~ Hindy N, Youth Program Director




You’ll come out equipped to apply your coaching skills in all areas of your life:

Start a Coaching Career with Confidence

  • Build a reputation for results-driven success
  • Earn money while making an impact on others
  • Become certified from the International Coaching Federation

Lead in Your Professional & Personal Life

  • Inspire your colleagues, friends, and family to find solutions instead of blaming
  • Guide your teams to success with patience, inspiration, and renewed connection 
  • Parent your children (including teens!) with confidence and love


Module I: Coaching Essentials

Learn the basics of coaching, based on the 5 Cs: Connecting deeply, Contracting for success, Clarifying, Creating sustainable goals, and Committing.

  • Understand the definition of coaching and how it differs from therapy, mentoring, and being a “good friend.”
  • Learn how to really connect, listen, and ask empowering questions.
  • Discover how to create clear, achievable goals, and hold your client accountable. 

Learn how to help yourself and others understand what blocks them from attaining their personal or professional goals. 

  • Learn about beliefs that limit our motivation and interpretations that force us to react in very limited ways. 
  • Learn about the inner critic constantly running in our heads, telling us we are not good enough.
  • Discover how to challenge internal blocks. Give yourselves, your clients, and those around you the gift of overcoming limiting beliefs, filtered interpretations, and the gnawing inner critic.


Module II: Deepening the Conversation

Bring your coaching expertise to fruition. 

  • Learn how to dive deeply with your clients into their values and help them recognize what motivates them. 
  • Learn to help your clients recognize their strengths and then determine how to achieve their goals using those strengths. 
  • Learn how to assist your clients in being aware of and managing their own emotions and those of others.

Module III: The Core Competencies

  • Eight on-demand classes detailing each one of the 8 ICF Core Competencies presented in a clear, step by step presentation.

All three modules are taught using Quality Transformative Learning™, our unique seven-step process designed to help you integrate and internalize your new skills:

  1. Learn = Students are introduced to a new concept or skill using multiple modalities
  2. Model = The instructor models the new skill for the students to see it in action
  3. Guided practice = Students practice it in a group setting as the instructor checks for understanding
  4. Independent practice = The class breaks out into breakout rooms to practice independently in pairs or triads while the instructor “drops in” and observes
  5. Feedback = The class gets back together and discusses the experience
  6. Closure = Students then post their takeaways from the session
  7. Extended learning = Students can extend their learning on the topic using our on-demand platform.


At the end of the three modules, you’ll have the core skills to coach professionally or personally with confidence and consistency. But we don’t stop there. 


The Certified Coach Training Program will continue to set you up for success in the coaching world:


Group Mentoring

You will experience mentoring in a small group with a maximum of 10 participants. These seven hours will help you choose your coaching niche, master your coaching skills, and learn to prepare for your Performance Evaluation. 

And, more!

One on one mentoring

One on one mentoring will give you personal experience and guidance on coaching in your unique, specific situation.  These sessions will support you towards your certification with the International Coach Federation. 

But there’s even more!

BONUS - Coaching Supervision

You will receive free coaching supervision for three months after your last 1:1 mentoring session. This supervision will help you when you enter the “real world” of coaching! We have your back!

That’s a total of:

  • 8 core competencies
  • 5 Cs of coaching
  • 7-step Quality Transformative Learning
  • 28  on-demand videos with course work
  • 20 two -hour sessions, to review, deepen and practice 

And for option 2, The Certified Coach Training:

  • All of the above, PLUS
  • 7 hours of group mentoring
  • 3 hours of 1:1 mentoring
  • 3 months of coaching supervision

All-in-all, the full CCT Program includes over 75 hours of group and personal coaching training!



"Those fortunate enough to study educational methodology under Rabbi Storch's tutelage are bound to become successful in their field."

~ Rabbi Hillel Mandel
Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer

Learn new ways to problem solve

"The training course was fun, enjoyable, and interesting! I got to meet and interact with colleagues who were on the same wavelength as me. It was hands-on, interactive and practical. What made it very useful is that we brought real issues from home/work into the classroom and through peer coaching, often arrived at solutions we were able to implement. Rabbi Storch guided us to finesse our approach and interact with clients in a professional manner. On a personal level, I learned new ways to problem solve that I use day to day."

~ Yaacov Weiss, MSW, LSW

Your investment 

What is the price of personal transformation and the transformation of the people around you?

An extensive, far-reaching program such as this one would cost $5000 (or more!) at most Coach Training programs.

But here at CFCALT, we believe that this life-altering training should be accessible to all. Therefore, we’re pricing this course with two affordable options:


Option I: The Coach Approach and become an empowered leader!

Take the three modules and learn the full coach approach and its principles. 

Tuition: $2700 payable in full or in 6-monthly payments of  $450


Option II: Become a Certified Professional Coach

Three Modules + Group Mentoring + Individual Mentoring + Coach Supervision 

Tuition: $3645 payable in full or 9 payments of $405


Register here 



Sales goals shattered!

"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the level and immediacy of impact working with Shalom as my personal coach would have, not only on my business but also in my personal life. In the short time since beginning our relationship, company sales goals have been shattered with record setting performances, employees are thriving under my leadership, and my personal relationships have been elevated. Anyone with an open mind to improving themselves will truly benefit from Shalom's help and coaching."

~ Sol G., General Manager


FAQ Answering 

  • What distinguishes this program from other frum programs?


      • The Center for Coaching’s Certified Coach Training Program is unique for several reasons:
        • I believe coaching is a profession. A profession must have a body of laws that dictates its skills and competencies. Therefore, I follow the International Coaching Federation’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics almost religiously!
        • 30 years of experience in chinuch have taught me a thing or two about education! I've trained hundreds of teachers with a unique training method based on authentic teaching practices, specifically designed for adult education.
        • Torah concepts from the world of Chazal, Mussar, and Chassidus are woven into the course content. You’ll be comfortable knowing that all material is based both on expert coaching and positive psychology concepts and rooted in our trusted mesorah.


  • I’ve heard that some coaching concepts are adapted from Eastern Religions. How do you deal with that in a Torah context?


      • I draw from my knowledge of Torah texts, including Mussar, Chassidus, and of course Chazal, to make sure everything in the program resonates with and is actually sourced from our mesorah.


  • How is this course delivered?

  • This is a hybrid course, with approximately one hour of work per week which  includes an on-demand video accompanied with  coursework. Every week there is a two hour zoom meeting to review, deepen and practice the concepts and skills learned. 
  • Do I need a webcam?

  •  Yes! I’ve found that “seeing” my students is essential for success in an online class. When a student is off-camera, it’s easy for the student to get involved in other things and for me to bypass the invisible student.


  • I want to go into the business of coaching. Will the Center for Coaching help me in getting clients?

  •  During the Group Mentoring sessions, I will assist you in marketing and will be available for three months after your last mentoring session for coaching supervision. You can use that supervision for help in getting clients. I want you to succeed! However, building your own business takes work, and you’ll need determination, commitment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. 


  • I have more questions. How can I get in touch?


  • Are there separate classes for men and women?

  •  Yes. I’ve found that in a group setting, both genders are more comfortable with a separate arrangement.


  • What is the schedule for the classes?

  •  Classes will be held on Sundays. Women’s Cohort will be from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST. Men’s Cohort will be from 4:30 - 6:30 PM EST.


  • What is the start date?

  •  April 3rd, 2022/2 Nissan 5782 will be a 1 hour orientation day with the full course starting on May 1/Rosh Chodesh Iyar.


  • How many months does the CCT Program take?

  • The Coach Approach Diploma course is a 20 week course . The Certified Coach Training program is an additional 7 weeks and continuing with 1:1 coaching and 3-months of supervision.


  • What about the 1:1 mentoring?

  •  The individual mentoring sessions are 30 minutes long and are held every other week. We will schedule those sessions at mutually available times.


  • Please tell me more about these individual sessions. What is its purpose?

  • Coaching takes lots of practice, especially when you are learning new ways of doing things. We encourage you to practice those skills both in an official setting and in your everyday conversations. At the 1:1 mentoring sessions, we will hone in on specific skills you are mastering or can improve. The ultimate goal is for you to record a coaching session that is in accordance with the skills necessary for an ACC (Associated Certified Coach) according to the ICF's guidelines.


  • How many hours a week am I committing to?

  • 3 - 4 hours a week.



Interactive exercises and discussions

"I really enjoy Rabbi Storch's approach to each subject.  He has a relaxed way of introducing his subjects and discussions so that each person in the group or one on one feels valuable and contributes to the subject matter or topic of discussion.  I love the interactive exercises and discussions with the group so as to role play and understand ways to approach situations in different manners, getting different results. I leave each session confident that I have added to the value of my professional, personal and spiritual life tools that enhance my life.  He is truly a gift and I treasure every class."

~ Sandra Allen




feeling frustrated about problems that never end,

resolve relationship issues that festered for years.

running the hamster wheel of sinking endless hours into “solutions” that don’t work,

help your clients, employees, friends, and family move past their limiting beliefs.

fruitless blame games and taking sides,

become a great listener who asks compelling, productive questions.

Become the person everyone turns to for solutions and sustained change.


Use your coaching skills to start a lucrative career or to reach your potential as a leader in your office, family, and community.


Enroll today in The Center’s Certified Coach Training Course!






Option I: The Coach Approach and become an empowered leader!

Take the three modules and learn the full coach approach and its principles. 

Tuition: $2700 payable in full or in 6-monthly payments of  $450


Option II: Become a Certified Professional Coach

Three Modules + Group Mentoring + Individual Mentoring + Coach Supervision 

Tuition: $3645 payable in full or 9 payments of $405


Register here 



Once you register, you will receive a welcoming email with instructions on logging in to our Student Portal. You will have immediate access to lots of information about this course and coaching in general. 


The earlier you register, the more time you will have to get a head start on the material!


Making a difference and impacting others, whether family, friends or employees, is one of our greatest challenges in life. We all want to be active members of society, to help create sustainable positive change-and with the right skills, we can! 


Enroll today and become a Certified Professional Coach!


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Sincerest best wishes,

Rabbi Shalom Storch, PCC





Rabbi Shalom Storch

Rabbi Shalom Storch is a sought after trainer, mentor and coach in the world of chinuch (education). He served as the Menahel of the Mesivta of the St. Louis Rabbinical College, Menahel of the Yeshiva Ketana of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and the founder and Menahel of Yeshiva Nesivos Ohr in Lakewood, N.J. He has served as Resident Coach of the Senior Leadership Fellowship for Yeshiva/Day School Principals.

Rabbi Storch holds a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), an Organizational and Business Coach Diploma from Refuah Institute, and an ELI – MP (Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner) from IPEC.

Shalom's clients range from Roshei Yeshiva, principals, teachers as well as business leaders in the c-suite and mid-level managers. Rabbi Storch also serves as a life coach for issues regarding parenting, career and relationships.

Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky

Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky has been working in the field of education for 32 years. Even in his first job as a dormitory counselor, Reb Dovid, naturally took the role of coach to help the boys in his care and guide them towards their personal greatness. He has been coaching students, teachers and parents and empowering them to be their best long before he became a certified coach. It was only after he experienced coaching training that he realized that this is what he had been doing all along. The Coach Approach is Reb Dovid’s guiding philosophy and it informs all aspects of his practice.

Rabbi Kossowsky started his career in Detroit, Michigan where he worked his way over 22 years from dorm counselor to teacher to assistant principal of Yeshivas Darchei Torah and secular studies principal of Yeshiva Gedolah High School.  Reb Dovid then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he became the principal of Yeshiva Elementary School for ten years.

Currently, Rabbi Kossowsky resides in Jerusalem, Israel. The Kossowsky family moved to Israel to join most of their children, and to care for their son who was diagnosed with early onset ALS. Despite having to relocate, Rabbi Kossowsky is an integral part of the leadership administration in Milwaukee via Zoom. He is an expert at utilizing technology, and that in combination with his expertise in coaching, allows Reb Dovid to continue to work successfully with his students, parents and staff.